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Forward movement deliberately for the purpose of improvement.


Focused on three key components that influence the physical, cognitive and emotional dominance. While each component is independently important, optimal performance is achieved when all three are addressed simultaneously.


Often called "strategic partnerships," they help build relationships between teammates, teams, and organizations.

What We Do

Focus on the constraining issues and establish environments for teams to flourish on both a personal and professional level.

Iron Sharpens Iron

Promoting a positive influence in an environment that fosters openness through questioning, encouraging, coaching, and challenging each other. 



Be “On-Point” as the leader among a team of leaders advancing through uncharted or hostile territory. A co-hosted experience that promotes the value of “openness” as the foundation for personal and professional growth. Scheduled topics include; Leadership at every level…flattening the top down industrial age mentality, Overcoming personal challenges, and how to embrace vision and the big picture perspective, etc.

Our Mission

Advance Performance Partners mission is to educate through real life experiences, train to harness the value of direct personal experiences as well as the value of indirect learning from others personal life experiences, mentor to instill confidence with the power of team openness, and develop a culture of continuous improvement by disciplined after action reviews and feedback loops.

Advance Performance Partners inspire people to be leaders regardless of hierarchical position and build teams within the organization to work as a synchronous unit by designing a decentralized command that achieves all goals through a well-known, understood, and communicated vision.