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My Story

As a patriot, I can either be a part of the problem or a part of the solution. I choose the latter. As a 20-year military veteran I have had the privilege to serve alongside great leaders. Early in my career these leaders saw something in me that I did not see within myself. They taught me the power of discipline, honor, and a selfless commitment to a cause greater than oneself. I have the utmost respect for these leaders, the crew, and am committed to passing the torch and humbly share what has been gifted to me. I am grateful for our freedoms and those who have served before me. I owe them a debt of gratitude and am committed to paying it back by sharing what I have learned to help others grow personally and professionally. In the end, I am committed to forging high power teams and creating excellence. “Iron Sharpens Iron”

What is our purpose and mission?

Advance Performance Partners mission is to educate through real life experiences, train to harness the value of direct personal experiences as well as the value of indirect learning from others personal life experiences, mentor to instill confidence with the power of team openness, and develop a culture of continuous improvement by disciplined after action reviews and feedback loops. Advance Performance Partners inspire people to be leaders regardless of hierarchical position and build teams within the organization to work as a synchronous unit by designing a decentralized command that achieves all goals through a well-known, understood, and communicated vision.

I served in the US Navy submarine force where the environment was filled with high energy systems. This hazardous condition demanded a constant 24/7 “attention to detail’ conscientiousness to ensure the earliest signs of trouble were detected as it developed. The principles taught are unmatched and proven daily by the no-nonsense high-performance teams in the US Submarine Force.

Our Philosophy & Specialties


Who Do We Love Working With? What are they like?
What are they passionate about? What do they dream of or want to achieve?

Someone or any company (business) that values their people, not as a “resource” or means to greater revenue but as people with real life issues who are passionate about contributing to and building something, they genuinely believe in. Businesses who invest in their staff because they want to see them “surprise” themselves by surpassing what they believed possible. A company who values their culture and understands the difference between it and image. They desire to build a team of leaders and trust them to make decisions at all levels based on competence and clarity of vision. In the end, believing in one another and this sense of community will flourish and achieve, even exceed, the ultimate victory.

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