Exhaustive research will provide a multitude of performance-enhancing techniques and describe a litany of external entities that influence your performance. Although all very good information to understand this blog will primarily be focused on the things within your control. I will be focused on three key components that influence the physical, cognitive and emotional dominance. While each component is independently important, optimal performance is achieved when all three are addressed simultaneously.

Time to Get Some!

We have all heard it before! Healthy diet and exercise, right? But my hectic schedule, the kids, my work, life…are all very familiar excuses. It all comes down to one thing; discipline. Only you can decide to make a change and stick with it. If needed grab someone close to you that you trust will give you the straight dope and hold you to task as an “Accountability Partner”.

Fuel your body with premium unleaded…not the cheap stuff. It sounds harder than it is. Start with small digestible steps and pay attention to the nutrition label. A balanced diet of nuts, fruits, greens, and meats in “moderate” portion sizes is the key. Have the discipline to plan ahead and remove the excuse of “It’s late, I have no time” and default back to the easy take-out menu. Keep in mind, these institutions are about making money not about keeping you healthy. Unhealthy fats and excess sodium are what makes these foods “taste good” and keep you craving more like an addictive drug. Do you really want to put that in your body? I can tell you I genuinely care about you and have personally overcome this “time management dietary discipline” problem. You will feel remarkably better after just two weeks of healthy fuel. Let me know how it goes!

Now, after getting the fuel system on the right track, you will experience a new source of energy. It’s there, you just need, you guessed it, the discipline to discover it. I’m not a big believer in motivation. If you need to be or get “motivated” to do something then it’s really not something you want to begin with. Decide and do it. That simple. EXERCISE! everyday. OK, I’m hearing the excuses before you even finished reading. Did I say go to the gym and work out 6-hours every day? No. What I am suggesting is that you deliberately exercise every day. Get up and do something physical. Walk the dog, sit-ups, push-ups, lunges, crunches, brisk walking, run, anything to get your heart-rate up, and release endorphins. You will find yourself being able to do more and more, feel 100% better, and have a fresh perspective with your thinking. P.s. Don’t forget about the nutrition discussed above. 🙂

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