Maintaining perspective is a skill that requires work and disciplined conditioning. Like any other skill keeping it sharp and perfected means constant training of your mind. Learning from others’ experiences, or indirect learning, is a powerful skill that is needed to quickly solve complex problems and adapt to an ever-changing landscape.

Openness – Experience

Decisions are made based on the contents of our mental library. These volumes of life experiences are applied to the issues we face daily. The more diverse and complex these experiences the better the solution options.

Two things to strongly consider;

1) How open are you to listen to other’s solutions based on their experiences? and

2) Are you open to Active Listening for complete understanding to better appreciate the solution formulated from another teammate’s life experience?

I am humbled by what I have learned from those I have had the privilege to work with. Being open to learning from other teammate’s personal experiences leads to deeper conversation and ultimately a trusting relationship. It only gets better from there!

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